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Why Electric Green?

Everyone who has a yard cares about the way it looks.  Some people, however, do not care about how that is achieved.  We here at Electric Green care about creating a lush beautiful lawn by actually being “green” and therefore using “green” equipment.  We go beyond  what other lawn care businesses do by not using any gasoline in our equipment.  When fertilizing we do not use synthetic blends, rather we use all organic fertilizers that is safe for the environment, your yard, your family, your pets, and your pocketbook!


Electric Green Lawn Service is proud to be the first business in Virginia to own a Mean Green Mower, a 100% fully battery powered Commercial Lawn Mower, made right here in the USA!  This particular machine emits absolutely zero emissions as well as needing no gas or oil which means there is ZERO risk of gas or oil spills on that beautiful lawn of yours.  Mean Green Mowers are also substantially quieter in contrast to the loud, dirty, emissions producing, gas powered machines.


All of the electric equipment run by Electric Green Lawn Service require very little maintenance to operate and because of that, we can  comfortably say that we offer the best prices around.


                  to see the different services we offer or           to choose a complete lawn care packages that fits you and start turning your yard into an Electric Green Lawn!

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